Kimberly says she was granted custodial guardianship of her sister's daughter in 2017. She claims that the child was born addicted to methadone and that her parents, Danielle and Nick, were neglecting the child.

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“The courts did not see them as fit parents,” says Kimberly, who also claims the couple sometimes left their child alone “so they could score and get high.” Danielle and Nick adamantly deny Kimberly’s allegations.

“Even though I was using drugs, I was never neglectful,” claims Danielle in the video above.

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Claiming they’re in recovery and stable enough to take care of their child, Danielle and Nick are accusing Kimberly of going back on an agreement she made with them to take care of their daughter only until they got back on their feet.

Why does Kimberly claim Danielle and Nick have done nothing to try to get their child back?

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