Amy and Chris say their 19-year-old quadruplet son Chase, who was an honors student, dropped out of college after smoking marijuana just one time.

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Chase claims his one experience with marijuana caused him to have a severe panic attack and since then, his brain feels mushy and he is in utter mental pain. But his older brother, Blaise, says he believes 60% of Chase’s symptoms are exaggerated in order to manipulate their parents.

Blaise says their parents take Chase out for nice dinners, get him anything he wants and allow him to lie on the couch all day and complain.

Amy and Chris admit they have coddled Chase since he has moved back home. The parents say he has terrorized the family, stolen Amy’s car and even choked his psychiatrist.

Amy says Chase has been hospitalized eight times, and they do not know what is wrong with him. But Chase, who claims his mother kicked him out of the house, says he’s suffering from mental health problems and does not have behavior issues.

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