Debbie claims she is allergic to almost everything, including her husband of 35 years, Kelly. She admits to making her husband strip and shower to get rid of allergens the minute he steps into the house. She insists on taping up all the AC duct vents, she stores her clothes in sealed bags and washes their dishes in the swimming pool.

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Kelly says he has taken Debbie to over 28 doctors and spent over $40,000 on countless tests only to find Debbie is not allergic to anything. Kelly claims his wife’s obsessive behavior has completely devastated their marriage and family.

After speaking with the family, Dr. Phil sends a mold inspection company to do a thorough investigation of Debbie and Kelly’s house to determine if there are really allergens causing Debbie’s pain. The company’s test show high levels of mold and bacteria in the home, which Dr. Phil says could be causing Debbie’s ritualistic behavior.

After the show, Dr. Phil weighs in on why it’s so important to be an active patient if you believe you may be suffering from a condition.

This episode airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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