Dr. Phil says that often, behaviors start for one reason and continue for another.

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“If you’re looking at somebody who’s really self-destructive, ask yourself why it started, but look around at the environment. Look around at what’s going on in their lives and see what is supporting this behavior continuing,” he says.

On Tuesday’s episode, he speaks with Kari and her mother, Michele, who say that Kari’s sister, Amanda, is a severe alcoholic. They say they fear she will die soon – and claim that Kari and Amanda’s father, Steve, is enabling Amanda by allowing her to live in his home, which is filled with trash. Steve says right now, he’s the only one helping his daughter.

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“If they know they’ve got a soft place to fall, if they know they’ve got a place to run, if they know they have got an escape hatch, they will never, ever face the serious difficult thresholds necessary to get over the hump,” Dr. Phil says.

Hear more in the video above. This episode airs Friday. Watch more here.

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Dr. Phil Tells A Father He Is Enabling His Daughter’s Alcohol Addiction: 'You Make It Possible, Practical Or Easy'