Seventeen-year-old Adrianna says she didn’t go to school for a whole year because her mother, Jennifer, pulled her out to be homeschooled. She says that instead of working on her education, she was babysitting her little sisters and working to make sure her mother, who doesn’t have a job, had enough money to cover the bills.

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Adrianna claims her mother verbally abused her, told her she hated her, and even said she’d “get a beer and watch” when Adrianna told her she wanted to kill herself.

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Claiming she feels “attacked,” Jennifer admits to saying those things to Adrianna, but claims no one but her sees how Adrianna “really” behaves at home.

In Today’s Takeaway, Dr. Phil tells viewers that if as a parent your coping energies are depleted, “Don’t vent on your children. Don’t throw them under the bus because you’re overwhelmed. Ask for help, because they’re not there for you to dump on.”

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