When Bailey “liked” a tweet from Jasmine eight months ago, she claims a relationship started between the two of them. She says even though she’s never met or spoken to Jasmine, she loves her and feels her presence everywhere she goes.

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However, Jasmine says the two are not in a relationship, and she just wants Bailey to stop sending her hundreds of messages and photos.

After Dr. Phil impresses upon Bailey that Jasmine is sending her clear messages that she does not want any sort of relationship, Bailey and Jasmine meet, and Bailey apologizes for her behavior.

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And, Dr. Phil delves into Bailey’s past, which includes traumatic events, and determines that the 21-year-old may be living in a fantasy world to escape from her real life and what she says happened to her.

After the show, Dr. Phil and psychiatrist Charles Sophy explain what escapism is and why people turn to it when their lives become stressful.

This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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