“You just simply can’t do something in a marriage that’s based on deception,” Dr. Phil says. “If you’re deceiving your partner, they’re going to be asking, ‘Why do they feel the need to hide this?’ ‘If there’s nothing going on, why the deception?’”

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On Thursday’s episode, he speaks with Alaska, who has lied to her husband, Paul, about her cuddling business. Although she told Paul that she was just going to run the business when she started it about a year ago, she admits to him that she has been cuddling clients and even traveling out of state to see clients and have dinner meetings with them.

Dr. Phil suggests the couple create a plan where they can both give the other what they want and need.

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“Ask yourself how you can get your partner the most of what they want before you start figuring out how to get what you want,” Dr. Phil says. “That’s how everybody comes out a winner.”

Watch more of Dr. Phil’s advice in the video above. This episode airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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