Raegon and Steve say their 17-year- old daughter, Maya, has become a belligerent, violent, pot smoking, school-skipping teen who is spiraling out of control.

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They say Maya’s downward spiral started five years ago when she caught Raegon cheating with Steve’s best friend, the man his children called “Uncle Craig.” They say Maya is not only acting out but has given her mother an ultimatum: Craig or her children.

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Maya says Craig is an “evil parasite” who “wrecked” her family and she will do anything to make his life a living hell.

Craig says it’s not his fault he fell in love and then moved in with his best friend’s wife. He says Maya needs to stop blaming him for her destructive behavior and take accountability for her actions.

In Today’s Takeaway, Dr. Phil discusses the importance of finishing one relationship before starting another.

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