Forty-three-year-old Jason says he grew up living a high-class life, jetting off in private jets and enjoying family vacations on stunning beaches. Jason says he had everything he ever wanted until his mother, Patty, sided against him in his divorce, and eventually stopped giving him financial support.

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Now Jason says he wants nothing to do with her and is trying to get a restraining order to keep Patty away from him and his children.

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Patty, says she stopped giving Jason money after learning that he was using steroids. She claims that Jason is mentally unstable and that he wants her dead.

What happens when Dr. Phil reads a letter from Jason’s 13-year-old daughter asking him to help her dad and grandmother repair their relationship?

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In Today’s Takeaway, Dr. Phil reminds viewers that when families fracture, sometimes all you can do is to have “an open and forgiving heart” to bring them back together.

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