“When you’re looking at behavior, it is just a manifestation of all types of motivation and causations. You always need to ask yourself why this behavior is occurring,” Dr. Phil says. “The reason may be something obvious; it may be in reaction to some stimulus. But you also have to ask yourself: is there something unseen here?”

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In the video above, Dr. Phil suggests asking yourself four key questions if your child is acting atypically, and you’re trying to determine the cause of the behavior.

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“If you can’t answer those four questions, don’t start throwing pills at them and don’t start sticking them in front of some therapist asking them to fix your problem,” Dr. Phil says. “You need answers before you start pulling the trigger.”

On Thursday’s episode, Dr. Phil speaks with Bobby and his fiancée, Chrysta, who say they are concerned about the behavior of Bobby’s 8-year-old son. They claim the boy is aggressive and has threatened to kill Chrysta and other children. Watch their story here.

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