“Children find their own identity in their own way, and sometimes, their gender identity is different than their assigned sex,” Dr. Phil says.

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While sexual identity is what’s assigned to a child at birth, gender identity is a deep sense of identification that a child feels inside that can start to show as early as 3 years old. “You’ll begin to see that in terms of the child beginning to make choices that identify with what society has determined is feminine or masculine, and the child will begin to gravitate toward that sort of thing,” Dr. Phil says. But he cautions that this can change over the years.

“Children are all different ways, and the important thing is you just love them wherever they are,” Dr. Phil says.

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Hear more about this topic in the video above. And, learn what you can do to support a child who may identify differently than what’s normative in society.

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What Parents Can Do To Support A Child’s Gender Identity