Dr. Phil says that losing a loved one can be stressful, and if the loss is unexpected and violent, the level of stress is amplified. “If you don’t have an explanation for how it happened, you have such unfinished emotional business. You never get to grieve because you’re so busy trying to solve the puzzle, the problem, that it blocks your grief work, so you get stuck, sometimes, for years until you get some kind of answers,” Dr. Phil explains.

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On Wednesday’s episode, Dr. Phil speaks with six moms whose college-aged sons were found dead. Although the deaths were ruled accidental drownings, the mothers say they believe their sons were killed. A team of retired police detectives are investigating these deaths, which they believe could be the work of a nationwide team of serial killers called the “Smiley Face Killers.” Watch more here.

In the video above, hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice for handling and working through grief.

This episode airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

'I Do Not Want This To Happen To One More Mother,' Says Woman Who Believes Her Son Was Murdered