Taylor says she achieved social media fame by the time she was 14, with around 30,000 followers. She is now 20 and says photos and video of her continue to go viral … but not by her choice. Taylor claims her iCloud has been hacked three separate times and her computer crashed last year, all by unauthorized users who she suspects are trying to bully her and ruin her reputation.

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Taylor’s parents, Kathy and Randy, say the constant bullying and hacking has caused their daughter to fall from being a social media star to homeless and hopeless.

Kathy, Randy, and their older daughter, Lindsey, also blame Taylor’s boyfriend, Anthony, for not being a good influence on Taylor as she struggles with this cyber-hacking drama. They say they believe her destructive relationship with Anthony pulls her down even further.

Anthony says he is not a bad influence and will never leave Taylor. Anthony’s mother, Angie, agrees with Taylor’s parents that her son needs to stay away from their daughter.

In Today’s Takeaway, Dr. Phil discusses how to keep your kids – and yourself – safe online.

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Parents Claim Daughter Went From Social Media Star At 14 To Cyber-Bullied, Hacked And Homeless At 20