When Michele and her daughter, Stephanie, appeared on Dr. Phil last year, Michele claimed Stephanie had two DUIs, a suspended license and multiple stints in rehab, and couldn’t hold a job.

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Stephanie blamed Michele for her drinking, claiming her mother had “ruined” her life.

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Stephanie went to rehab, then a sober living facility. When she relapsed in July, Michele moved across the country to take care of her and now says things are “a complete horror show.”

WATCH ‘She Was On A Path To Health - You Gave Her An Exit Ramp,’ Says Dr. Phil To Mom Of Alcohol-Dependent Daughter

Dr. Phil advises mother and daughter on making positive changes in both their lives.

In Today’s Takeaway, Dr. Phil says, “The only person you control is you,” and, “Just because you can react, doesn’t mean you have to.”

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Alcohol-Dependent Woman Claims Mom Is To Blame