How much time do you spend online? While the internet can be a good thing – it can also turn into an addiction if you’re not careful.

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“If people get to living a virtual life instead of a real life, they can really lose connection with themselves. They can really lose connection with human relations,” Dr. Phil says in Today’s Takeaway. “If you start measuring your self-worth as a function of what strangers say, how many people like what you put up, how many followers you’ve got, your moral compass has really started spinning around. So you’ve got to stop and think, how much time am I spending in cyberspace vs. in the real world.”

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On Thursday’s episode, Dr. Phil speaks with Jessy who says she’s consumed with finding fame and fortune online, and will do what it takes to gain “likes” and followers. And, Ava, who called herself a “skinny legend,” returns to share what she says she’s learned about internet fame. Check here to see where you can watch.