Elaine and her husband, Ric, claim they are being held hostage by their son, AJ. They claim AJ is the ultimate moocher, who is violent and lazy. They claim they have spent over $40,000 on AJ, pay for his rent and groceries, and even take care of his 4-year-old son.

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They say eight years ago, AJ found his grandmother lying in a pool of blood after a brutal home invasion and is using his PTSD as a crutch to get away with his behavior.

AJ admits he’s lazy, smokes marijuana all day as a way to “cope” with his grandmother’s murder, and expects his mother to financially support him. AJ’s brother, Matt, says AJ is a “giant destructive vacuum” who has always played the victim. AJ’s family is fed up with his entitled behavior. Can Dr. Phil help this family?

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Woman Suspects 32-Year-Old Son Uses PTSD As An Excuse To Mooch And Steal