Dr. Phil says mental illness can express itself in some ways that may be “annoying," and that the sick person can become ungrateful and difficult to be around, but loved ones shouldn't give up.

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“Our job as family members is to love these people when they’re not loveable,” Dr. Phil says. “You have to look past the behavior and look at the motivation, and realize that when you see people expressing anger, they’re really just showing you hurt, fear or frustration. They’re doing what they have to do to get along.”

On Monday’s episode, Dr. Phil speaks with Ryann and her mother, Jode, who claim their loved one, Stephanie, is paranoid and delusional and that her behavior is dangerous to her and her children.

“Ask yourself, if you’ve got somebody in your life, you or somebody else who’s not being productive, not being independent, what are the obstacles?” Dr. Phil suggests. “Make a to-do list and an action plan for overcoming those things.”

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