After 15 years of marriage, Amanda and Greg divorced. Now, two years later, they are considering getting remarried. However, the exes say one thing coming between them is Greg’s mom, Kathy.

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Amanda calls Kathy a “monster-in-law” who she claims is a “lying, vindictive, manipulative snake.” Kathy claims Amanda has anger problems, has threatened to set her house on fire, and punched Kathy on the side of her head five times before taking out a restraining order after claiming she was in danger, and had her arrested. Greg says he’s caught in the middle of his ex, who he says is “incredibly jealous” of his mom and his mother, who he says has been giving him the "cold shoulder" since he reunited with Amanda.

Does Dr. Phil think there’s a way to save Greg and Amanda’s relationship? Watch the video above to see what he says after the show.

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