Alethea says she feels like a prisoner trapped in a rage-filled relationship with her partner of 15 years, Kevin, and has even resorted to secretly taping his anger just to have proof.

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Alethea says, “The Hulk,” also known as "Kevin’s anger,” is so off the charts, that even strangers who have witnessed it have called the police. She says if the anger doesn’t stop, she is done.

WATCH World-renowned Neuroradiologist Discusses New Treatment For Traumatic Brain Injury

Kevin says he believes his rage is the result of brain trauma, received while playing football in high school.

The results of an MRI brain scan performed on Kevin by internationally recognized neuroradiologist Dr. Bradley Jabour confirm Kevin’s suspicions, and he’s offered a treatment plan that could help him to turn around the damage.

In Today’s Takeaway Dr. Phil reminds viewers that not all behaviors are psychological in nature; neurology can also influence moods and actions.

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