Hallie and her mother, Sherrye, say Hallie’s 14-year-old daughter, Tatum’s, behavior is out of control. The women claim Tatum lashes out verbally and physically, has poured milk in her mom and stepdad’s new bed, covered the kitchen floor with dish soap causing her mom to slip and tear her ACL and that she has even attacked a child at school, pulling out a chunk of hair.

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The teen admits she’s full of anger and says most of it stems from her relationship with her mom. She says her mom has been in-and-out of her life, at times choosing drugs over her. She reveals to Dr. Phil that she always regrets getting close to her mother because she fears she will leave again.

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After the show, Dr. Phil reflects on the teen’s behavior and offers parents advice.

“If you see your children behaving in a way that’s non-productive, that’s self-destructive, you’ve got to ask yourself why. People don’t do things without a payoff. There’s some reason they do it. They’re getting something out of it,” he says. “Talk to your kids. You may not be the only voice in their ear, but make sure you’re the best voice in their ear.”

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