Ever since Shirley kicked her 19-year-old daughter, Marie, out of the house for voting for Hillary Clinton, she says Marie has been living a dangerous life, drinking, doing drugs and, and making money as a sugar baby. Marie’s behavior goes against Shirley’s strict Catholic rules of the house, and Shirley says she doesn’t know where she went wrong with Marie, because her older sons, Jan and Scott, do not engage in these behaviors.

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Jan says he feels responsible for Marie’s rebellion because he molested Marie when they were children – an act for which he has apologized and been forgiven.

After the show, Dr. Phil shares his thoughts and offers advice on how you can help someone change their behavior.

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“If you want to change behavior, you’ve got to get a grip on why that behavior is happening,” Dr. Phil says. “If somebody’s doing something consistently, they’re doing it in a pattern; they’re getting some kind of payoff for it.”

He suggests first getting to the root of the behavior and then when encouraging change, don’t be judgmental. “You don’t want to be right; you want to be happy and to be happy, you’ve got to meet her where she is and inspire her to change, not demand her to change,” he says.

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