Hollywood actress and model Teri Copley says she’s turning to Dr. Phil for help because she’s worried for the safety of her daughter, Ashley, and her 3-year-old granddaughter.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Explosive family drama?

Teri claims her daughter’s boyfriend, Hector, is physically abusive.

She also claims Hector has repeatedly hurt her daughter and even broke her jaw, which Hector adamantly denies.

Teri claims Ashley and Hector are jobless, homeless, and are regularly doing drugs and alcohol in front of their child.

Ashley says her mom is a dictator who tries to control every aspect of her life. She says she’s in a loving relationship with Hector, and claims he has never been violent with her.

Ashley claims her mom is willing to do and say anything to gain custody of her daughter.

Hector says Teri has always hated him and treats him like a lesser person, and he has never been physically abusive with Ashley.

Is there any way to bring this family together? Tune in Monday to see what happens when the family is confronted with shocking video evidence!

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TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Explosive family drama?

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