In 2016, Eric was the self-proclaimed “fat guy” weighing in at 560 lbs. who declared he was going to bike across America to lose weight and win back his estranged wife, Angie. Eric made it nearly 1,600 miles, but experienced multiple setbacks and never completed the journey. Now, weighing almost 700 lbs., Eric, who admits he has not been compliant with prescribed diet and exercise regimes in the past, says he is desperate to lose the weight.

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“Sometimes we think we have to change our whole lives all at one time,” says Dr. Phil in Today’s Takeaway, adding, “No, you don’t.”

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Continuing, he says, “It just takes saying, ‘I’m going to make small changes, and they’re going to add up.’ They’re going to aggregate. Whether it’s about your health, or about your job, or it’s about your relationship, or how you talk to yourself – or whatever - small things add up and make big differences.” Watch the video above, then check here to find out where you can tune in to Thursday’s episode.

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