As the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and Dr. Phil says that family situations can be the same.

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“If one person is showing a lot of pain, a lot of self-destructive behavior, a lot of maladaptive behavior, then all the focus goes on to that one person,” he explains. “But if that wheel falls apart, then the whole car is shut down. So that means the family has to be involved in keeping everything moving forward.”

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In the video above, he shares what you can do to create a healthy environment if you have a family member with dysfunctional behavior.

On Wednesday’s episode, Jane and her daughters say her oldest daughter, Alex, is tearing apart their family. They say Alex uses drugs, steals and her 4-year-old daughter is being cared for by Jane. Alex claims she’s committed to her sobriety, but her family can’t get over her past and blames her for everything.

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