On Wednesday’s episode, Dr. Phil is joined via video chat by guests from across the country – and around the world - who say their anxieties are difficult to manage while trying to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Twenty-nine-year-old Andrea of New York City says she is anxious day and night, fearing she could get sick and worrying about her parents who are halfway across the country. Jonathan, who is a journalist living in China, says he has experienced some of Andrea’s fears for the past few months, noting that being quarantined is a mental challenge.

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Vanessa says her 90-year-old mother, Fiona, was diagnosed with coronavirus and fears she won’t be able to be with her when she dies. And Sarita, a single mother who has lost work, says she fears she will face financial devastation and lose her health insurance. How can people stay grounded, especially while self-isolating during these uncertain times?

In Today’s Takeaway, Dr. Phil says, “Usually in crises, hurricanes, floods – we come together and bond. But now, we’re instructed to do the opposite: Social distancing. But that doesn’t mean alone. It doesn’t mean we need to be lonely. This is the time that all this technology can really come in handy.”

“We can check in with each other. Show concern – share knowledge,” he continues. “And more important than anything: Listen.”

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Information regarding the evolving coronavirus pandemic changes daily, as those studying and responding to the disease acquire more data. For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) website at cdc.gov.

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