Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Brandi and Victor regarding their wild relationship and Brandi’s alleged drinking problem.

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Brandi refuses to admit any issues with alcohol, even after it is revealed that she was too drunk to film her interview with Dr. Phil staff in Los Angeles!

Victor explains the devastating effects Brandi’s drinking has had on their 11-year-old son.

Brandi’s mother, Stephanie, joins the show to discuss Brandi’s drinking and out-of-control behavior. Stephanie says she had no choice but to kick Brandi out of her home after she claims Brandi pulled out her hair and slapped her fiancé. Brandi protests until the end, claiming her mother is a “nut” with a “sick vendetta” against her.

Watch the video above to hear Dr. Phil’s final thoughts on this episode. Then check here  to find out where you can see the conclusion of this two-part  Dr. Phil airing Thursday. 

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