Life moves fast and before you know it, weeks, months and years have gone by. That’s why Dr. Phil says it’s important to pause every now and again to see if you’re where you want to be in life.

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“You need to ask yourself, ‘Am I motivated toward what I really want, and am I doing something to get there?’” Dr. Phil says. “The difference between dreams and goals is a timeline and accountability … so if you want what you want, you have to identify a timeline.”

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Hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice in the video above.

On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil speaks with Mark, a 41-year-old who currently lives in his car and says he is motivated to change, just doesn’t know where to start or what he wants to do. Dr. Frank Lawlis and life coach Mike Bayer offer him advice for moving his life in a new direction. Watch more here.

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