Opioid addiction in America has become a crisis. Right now, there are enough opioid prescriptions in America for every man, woman, and child to have their own bottle.

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“That is a powerful and dangerous drug,” Dr. Phil says. “If you’re still taking these pills at seven days, your chance of being addicted at one year is one in 12. If you’re taking them at 30 days, your chance of being addicted at one year is 30 percent.”

On Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil speaks with Heather and John, a married couple who are both addicts. Heather is a nurse who injects a variety of prescription medicines up to five times a day – and blames her behavior on John’s drinking. John claims Heather is verbally and physically abusive when she’s high – and he only drinks because of her behavior.

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“Make no mistake, nobody owns your addiction but you,” Dr. Phil says in the video above from after the show. “The choice to take those drugs, to drink that booze is yours and yours alone. Until you own that, it will never change.”

Hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice about preventing an addiction to opioids in the video above.

This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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