“A fiduciary means that you’re putting others’ interest ahead of your own, and that’s what a parent is supposed to do. They’re supposed to be a fiduciary toward their children,” Dr. Phil says. “Maturity says you don’t always do what you want to do; you do what you need to do. And what you need to do is everything you can possibly do to make sure that a child finds a healthy way to have both parents in the child’s life.”

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Dr. Phil’s guests, Lisa and Steve, are fighting over custody of their two sons. Lisa currently has custody and claims that Steve was an abusive and absentee father, and she wants him out of their lives so her 81-year-old fiancé can adopt the boys. Steve, however, denies Lisa accusations. He says she has made it extremely difficult for him to maintain a relationship with his sons, and there’s no way he’s going to let her fiancé adopt the boys.

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In the video above, hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice for how co-parents can be the best fiduciaries for their children. This episode airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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