When Jodie was 13 years old, her sister, Reesa, was brutally murdered. She claims she was immediately deemed a prime suspect and relentlessly interrogated by police. She also says townspeople started gossiping and accusing her of murdering her only sibling, and haven’t stopped to this day.

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One of those townspeople, Laura, says she’s convinced Jodie killed Reesa. She claims Jodie’s mannerisms and behavior are suspicious. Hear her theory.

After Jodie, who adamantly denies any involvement in her sister's murder, takes a polygraph and the results are revealed, Dr. Phil warns that we must be careful before making judgments based on our own personal standpoint.

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“The next time you’re getting ready to judge someone because they’re responding different from you, stop and think,” Dr. Phil says, in the video above from after the show. “Maybe, you’re the different one. And maybe they’re more normative than perhaps you are. Don’t jump to conclusions.”

This episode airs Monday. Watch more here.

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