Colleen and Tina say that they’re scared that Tina’s 11-year-old daughter, “Marie,” will one day go on a killing spree. They claim the young girl has tried to smother her brother, killed a cat and harmed other children.

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After 11-year-old Marie revealed to Tina and Colleen why she has hurt her brother and animals, they took her to the hospital, claiming they were petrified she could seriously injure her 1-year-old brother. Tina says the hospital placed the child on a 5150. She says she went to the police who she claims told her to leave her daughter in the hospital, because if the child came home and hurt her baby brother again, Tina would be responsible and both of her children would be taken from her.

Tina admits she has given up custody of her daughter two times, and according to Tina, the young girl is now in foster care.

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Dr. Phil says that all parents must understand, particularly single parents, that the bar for raising children, in terms of what the child is entitled to or expected to have provided to them, isn’t lowered if you are the only parent responsible.

“I’m not saying it’s easy; I’m just saying you need to understand the system so you can work within the system,” Dr. Phil says. “Knowledge is power.”

There are resources available to help. Hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice in the video above.

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