Vera says her 22-year-old son, Michael, always had a comfortable life. But when she got diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, her son’s life was turned upside down.

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She says Michael is now negative, lazy, hates rules, and spends days lounging on the couch and watching daytime TV. Vera says now she’s dealing with stage-four cancer and she’s worried Michael will end up homeless after she passes away.

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Isaac says his mother, Christina, has told him multiple times that he ruined her life. Christina was just 15 when she gave birth to him.

Christina says the problem is Isaac’s lack of respect. She claims he has sent her horrible texts calling her a monster, snotty, not wife material and saying she was never a mom to him.

Isaac says their relationship is dysfunctional, but this is the closest they have ever been.

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In Today’s Takeaway, Dr. Phil tells viewers about the principle of reciprocity, saying, “You get what you give. You put things out into the world, and what you put out, really comes back to you.”

Continuing he says, “It’s the same way with a parent. If you put out a message that says ‘You’re an after-thought, I’m too busy to deal with you,’ then you’re going to get a kid that turns around and walks away from you. But if you put out a message that says, ‘Hey, I really care about you, I want to be involved; there’s a place for you in my world,’ Then you’re going to get a kid that says, ‘I feel accepted. I feel like I belong.”

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