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Self-Help Author Can’t Help Himself: Locked in a Room with Baseball Bats Afraid of Violent Sons

“My Perfect Cheerleader Fiancée is Abusing Me!”

“My Fiancé’s 8-Year-Old Son Tried to Kill Me”

“I Shot My Abusive Husband in Self-Defense and My Daughter Won’t Forgive Me”

Alaska Comes Clean

“I Believe My Son’s Bizarre Fiancée Lied about Having a Miscarriage and Carved Obscene Markings into His Body”

"Help! Our Bieber-Obsessed Daughter Went From Insta-Famous to Homeless and Hacked"

"Enough is Enough! My College Dropout Daughter Needs To Grow Up!"

"My Fiancé is Making Me Choose Between My Identical Twin Sister or Him!"

"My Destructive and Angry Teen Daughter Blames Me after I Left Her Father for His Best Friend!"

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