Mary and Craig claim their daughter, Jessica, is endangering her life as well as the welfare of her 2-year-old daughter by being homeless in Las Vegas. Jessica says she moved there on the promise of making it big as a model and exotic dancer, but she wound up being forced into prostitution by the man who lured her there. She claims the man used her then left her destitute and pregnant.

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Mary and Craig say they’re afraid to turn Jessica into Child Protective Services because they claim she’s threatened that if they do, they’ll never see her or their granddaughter again.

“They’re not going to get anywhere,” says Jessica, who claims there isn’t any neglect going on with her child. “I’ve been investigated three times, and every time it’s been closed within 48 hours, even living in hotels.”

Jessica says she is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) but claims it doesn’t pay enough to support her and her child. She says she earns more as a stripper.

Why does she claim she hasn’t been able to build a solid foundation? Tune in to part one of a two-part Dr. Phil airing Monday.

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