“People lie for different reasons,” Dr. Phil says.

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In the video above, he outlines seven common reasons people lie.

1. To take what is not rightfully theirs
2. To escape accountability
3. To create a fantasy, a false self-esteem to escape their own mundane life
4. To avoid punishment
5. To inflict pain, i.e. spreading gossip
6. To feel better in the moment, “steal” admiration
7. To gain an advantage to exploit others

Dr. Phil’s guests Brandi and Max are at a crossroads in their marriage. Max says that he often lies to his wife and admits to cheating on her since the beginning of their relationship.

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“You need to really start asking yourself why you do what you do,” Dr. Phil tells Max.

Can – and should – this marriage be saved? Watch more on Wednesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can tune in.

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