Every life has a soundtrack, and Jordan McGraw and Fabian Marasciullo talk to your favorite musicians, actors, authors, producers, business moguls and athletes to find out what songs they’ve put on theirs, on their new podcast,Tracks of Life.

“This podcast isn’t about famous people’s favorite songs;Tracks of Life is about the songs that had a lasting impact on the most interesting people’s lives,” says McGraw’s father, talk show host Dr. Phil. Their tracks of life could be anything from the song they had on repeat in their first car, a ballad that carried them through a tough time or even that one song that gets them pumped up before going onstage in front of an arena of screaming fans. “If a song is important to them, then it’s part of the story.”

Tune in each week for everyone from Pusha T to the tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon, and even Dr. Phil, and find out which songs pushed them along through their journey.

Tracks of Life is available now on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app, with the first episode featuring T-Pain.