Sisters Sadie, Skylar and Zoe all say they feel neglected by their mother, Niki. The teenagers claim she’s a “gold digger” who has chosen her new boyfriend, John, over spending time with them, claims she denies.

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Niki says the girls’ father, Marcus, who she was divorced from four years ago, has turned them against her. “He told the kids many lies about me,” she says. “He’d say I cheated on him for the last three years of our marriage.”

Marcus, who currently has physical custody of their five children admits he’s said negative things about Niki to their children, meant to influence them against her.

Niki denies cheating on Marcus and says the divorce cost them all. “I thought it would be better for them if I got out. As soon as I left, they did not trust me. It was heartbreaking.”

Transformational coach Lisa Nichols, a six-time bestselling author known for her appearance in the documentary film, The Secret, visits with Niki, where she reveals she’s been keeping a secret from her daughters. “You have a right to move on, but not at the expense of your daughters,” Lisa tells her.

How do the teenagers respond when they learn Niki has moved in with John?

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