Seventeen-year-old Arianna says for the past two years, she’s been transitioning from male to female. She says that ever since she was a child, she thought she was a girl but it wasn’t until the sixth grade that she identifies as transgender.

“When I told my parents I was transgender, my dad and I got into a really heated argument. He didn’t like it at all,” Arianna says. “My mom has said a lot of hurtful things to me. We argue every single day.”

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Arianna also claims that her mother, with whom she used to be extremely close, has slapped her and called her a bitch.

“She told me she didn’t care if I killed myself,” Arianna claims. Her mother says she loves her child and has tried to support her the best way she knows how.

The teen, who is now completing high school online because of the bullying she says she faced in public school, says she believes her parents are “bothered” by her transition and “cover it up” by encouraging her to focus on her schooling.

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“I don’t think my parents are proud of me. I don’t think they think I’ve accomplished anything,” Arianna says. “Both my parents say that when I turn 18, I’m no longer allowed to live here.”

In the video above, hear more of Arianna’s story. And on Thursday, Dr. Phil has advice for both Arianna and her mother on how they can work together to make this transition smoother. Check here to see where you can watch.