Hope says when she first transitioned from male to female, she was homeless and supported herself as an escort. “I was doing what I thought I had to at the time to make money to survive,” she says.

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Since then, Hope says she has stopped working as an escort, got a job, and got sober.

WATCH ‘My Life Is Out Of Control In A Really Good Way,’ Says Woman Who Is Transitioning From Male To Female

“It seems like there’s everything against us, and I understand that because there’s so much against us. But there’s also so many opportunities to learn how to love yourself,” she tells Dr. Phil’s guest, Diamond, in the video above. Diamond, who was born Brandon, is also transitioning to female, is currently homeless, and sometimes works as an escort.

Continuing, Hope says, “I learned how to be something I never thought I could be.”

Is Diamond open to hearing what hope has to say?

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