Holly is in love and engaged to two men: Keoma is Brazilian and lives in London, and Gunes is Turkish and lives in Turkey. However, she has never met either of the men in person, and the two don’t know she’s engaged to the other. 

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On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Keoma, who has said he wants to marry Holly, learns that Holly is also engaged to Gunes, and watches a video of one of their phone conversations.
In the video above, Dr. Phil cameras travel to Turkey to meet Gunes. What does he say about his relationship with Holly? And, hear the proposal letter he wrote to her. Plus, Holly shares how she feels about Gunes.

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On Monday, learn more about Holly’s relationship with Keoma and where it currently stands. And on Tuesday, the two fiancés meet for the first time. Plus, Holly reveals a secret she’s been keeping. Check here to see where you can watch.