Jai says the sound of his mother, Amy’s, voice, sends him into a blackout rage. “I can’t even be in the same room with this bitch,” he says.

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Jai, 20, lives at home but says he doesn’t work and dropped out of school. He also admits to smoking marijuana and playing video games all day while his mother works to take care of him.

WATCH Mom Of 20-Year-Old Admits She’s A ‘Helicopter Parent’

“When she just comes up in my room and wants to start harassing me about how I’m going nowhere with my life, and then gets just shocked when I blow up at her – then I don’t feel bad,” he says.

Amy is a self-described “helicopter parent” who admits she wasn’t very good at establishing boundaries with Jai when he was younger. She says he has struggled with mental health issues since childhood.

Jai says he’s been unable to control his anger since he was young enough to remember. He recently bought a rifle which he claims was “mostly for protection.”

What do Jai and Amy say happened on the day a neighbor reported him to the police?

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‘I Just Try To Stay High All Day Long,’ Says 20-Year-Old