Twenty-six-year-old fraternal twin sisters Laura and Maria say they are so close that not only do they live together, they just can’t stand to be apart. The siblings, who also tag along on one another’s dates, say they’d like to be married and start their own families one day, but so far, neither of them has ever had a serious relationship.

Dr. Phil introduces the sisters to identical twin brothers Jeremi and Justin, who also live together and say they’re looking for partners.

“I just love a funny woman – loyal and beautiful,” says one of the twins. “I was about to say the same thing,” says the other.

Laura and Maria agree to go out with Jeremi and Justin. Watch this Dr. Phil meet cute in the video above, then tune in to Thursday’s episode, “Knock Knock … It’s Dr. Phil and Robin!/Phanatics’ Biggest Questions,” to find out what happened on their date!

And later, while not everyone has an identical twin, many do have someone unrelated to them who looks just like them. Tune in to Thursday’s episode to meet a pair of celebrity look-alikes who will have you doing a double-take!

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WATCH: Twin Sisters So Close, They Tag Along On Each Other’s Dates!

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