Lorreine says if she knew how her husband, Chance, was going to treat her during their marriage before they got married, she would not have married him. She claims he calls her vile names, doesn’t give her spending money and has become physically abusive.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Marriage on the rocks?

Chance denies abusing his wife and says he loves her and wants to make their marriage work.

“You two are wounded individuals, and when you come to a relationship, you bring all your history with you, and you either contaminate the relationship, or you contribute to it,” Dr. Phil tells the couple. “And you are a contaminator, and you are a contaminator.”

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In the video above from Thursday’s episode, Dr. Phil tells the couple that some of Chance’s behaviors are “drop-dead deal-breakers” that justify divorce – unless he changes. He offers them both advice for healing themselves – and their marriage. Will they take the help?

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