Lorraine says that her job as a hotel manager keeps her extremely busy and she rarely has time to take a day off or to take her two sons on a vacation.

“My job is very strenuous. I do work to the point of exhaustion sometimes,” she says. She says that even when she has a day off, she’s still working and checking in on her customers. “I’d love to take my children on vacation if I could leave work behind and just do it.”

Dr. Phil and Lorraine are joined by AARP travel expert Stephanie Miles, who discusses the importance of having downtime and offers suggestions on how to make time off a priority.

“Taking a little time for yourself is good for your physical health, your mental health, your relationship, and it actually makes you more productive,” Stephanie says.

“What’s a good way for Lorraine to break out of her work-a-holic routine?” Dr. Phil asks.

Stephanie offers two easy tips. “One: make a travel bucket list. Looking forward to it is a lot of fun and very motivating,” she says. “And the second is to take a day. Add it to a weekend, or a wedding, whatever.”

Dr. Phil surprises Lorraine with an Expedia travel gift card for $5,000 so she and her family can have a relaxing weekend getaway.

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