Nino says his mother, Anna, has given away upward of $120,000 to a person calling themselves “Sammie Lee Strong.” Nino claims that “Sammie” has been catfishing Anna online since 2017.

Connie says she was scammed out of nearly $100,000 when, in 2018, she met “Johnson Conti” online. Admitting she ignored “all the red flags,” Connie says “Johnston” talked her out of most of her retirement savings within a matter of months.

“It’s interesting to look at the similarities between “Sammie Lee Strong” and “Johnston Conti,” says Dr. Phil, comparing how the alleged catfish managed their online interactions with Anna and Connie.

Watch the video above to learn more as Dr. Phil explains the typical patterns and excuses used by online love scammers to lure in their victims. Plus – how does Connie respond when she is introduced to Ron, the man whose identity was stolen and used to catfish her - and others – online?

The conclusion of this three-part Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Check here for your local listing.

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