Renee says she’s been in an online relationship with “Tom Nunez Hughs” for four years. She says he’s the most romantic man she’s ever met and that once he is able to leave South Africa, where he is stuck, he will come get her with a horse-drawn carriage.

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Renee’s children, Marcy and Todd, say their mother’s obsession has escalated to frightening proportions. They claim “Tom” is a catfish who has taken all of their mother’s money and that when they try and tell Renee, she won’t listen – and has even disowned them.

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On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil breaks some hard truth to Renee. Find out what he reveals about two different pictures “Tom” has sent the 71-year-old – and see her reaction.
On Wednesday, find out what else a Dr. Phil investigation uncovers about “Tom.” Check here to see where you can watch.