Eight years ago AJ found his grandmother beaten and lying in a pool of blood after a home invasion. She later died from her injuries. His mother, Elaine, and stepfather, Ric, say since then, AJ has used his grandmother’s murder as an excuse to behave badly.

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They claim the now 32-year-old calls them names, refuses to work and makes constant demands on Elaine’s time and money. Elaine says she pays his rent, buys him groceries and makes sure his 4-year-old son is taken care of.

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AJ insists he’s not using his grandmother’s death as an excuse. Claiming he is unmotivated, constantly angry and easily depressed, AJ says a year after his grandmother died he was diagnosed with PTSD and Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). “I’ll throw things, fight, scream, anything, just to feel like I’m being heard.”

Continuing he says, “My parents feel like I should be responsible, be able to pay my own bills and have my own place; but it’s not that easy for me with everything I’ve been through.”

Why does AJ claim his family doesn’t support him in the way that he needs?

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