Dr. Phil says an effective way to help someone who you believe needs help is not to get in their face and tell them what to do, instead, help them understand why they deserve to change their life.

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“If you can get people in a mindset where their attitude is you’re doing it with them instead of to them, and you tell them they deserve this instead of they need this, it’s a whole different vibe,” Dr. Phil says.

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Watch more of his advice in the video above.

On Thursday’s episode, he speaks with Ayanna, who says she believes she is the reincarnation of Pocahontas and that that has contributed to her being homeless, unemployed and the black sheep of her family. The 24-year-old says she is set in her belief and hesitates to reexamine her behavior. Her parents say they are gravely concerned about their daughter and think she is mentally ill. Watch more here.

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Dr. Phil Challenges 24-Year-Old Who Claims She’s The Reincarnation Of Pocahontas