Sadie, Skylar and Zoe claim their mother, Niki, has neglected them and jumped from guy to guy since their parents divorced. Now, they claim she has chosen her boyfriend of seven months, John, over them, because they say he has status and wealth.

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The siblings say their mother is a “gold digger” who always ditches them to spend time with her boyfriend or forces them to go to his house in order to see her. But Niki says she has not turned her back on her daughters and is pointing the finger at her ex-husband, Marcus, who she says has alienated their daughters from her and filled their heads with lies.

Marcus says he is fed up with how Niki is treating their daughters and recently filed for full custody without Niki’s knowledge.

How will Niki react when she finds out that Marcus filed for full custody? The family also met with Transformational Coach Lisa Nichols before the show, where Niki revealed a secret.

Tune in Wednesday to find out the secret, and see how her daughters react.   Check your local listing here.

In the video above, Dr. Phil has a reminder that divorce doesn’t solve problems … it changes them.

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