In a matter of weeks, Marcea says her marriage to Dustin, whom she calls her “narcissistic, alcoholic, playboy husband,” will be over. Marcea claims Dustin was on a sugar daddy website looking for “discretion” and “friends with benefits,” and has paid college girls thousands of dollars for “unknown services.” Marcea also claims he paid a ransom to prevent himself from being exposed.

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But the divorce papers were not served by Marcea; they were served to her by Dustin, who absolutely denies cheating on her. He says that he’s no longer in love with her, and it’s time she accept that their marriage is over, but that they can be friends and co-parent their young daughter.

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After the show, Dr. Phil weighs in with his thoughts.

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Dr. Phil Tells Guest It’s Time She Decides What Her Life Is Going To Be And Not Let Her Soon To Be Ex Dictate To Her